About Us


Associate Hotels India is a hotel marketing organization which provides sales and marketing representation and reservation services to independent stand alone hotels & chain properties. Started in Delhi in May 1992, the company has effectively established its name by focusing on its objective of strategizing and aggressively selling to the corporate, tour operators and wholesalers segment with the aim of maximizing revenues, increasing market share and providing superior customer service. Over the years a very strong relationship has been built with the corporate and travel trade segment.

Hotels handled by us do not fit into any 'fixed' pattern or formula. Some are luxury hotels some business hotels, some in bustling cosmopolitan cities and others in quiet resort destinations. We market each hotel's uniqueness and the benefit it can offer to the customer.

Associate Hotels India offers advantages such as, consistent quality, reliability, ease of reservations and easy accessibility to the customer.

We are about Choices

With 37 member hotels & adding in 10 destinations in India, Associate Hotels India is everywhere you want to travel. As your travel needs are as unique as you are,

we categorize our distinctive hotels in three collections to help you quickly find the perfect choice for you to choose the one hotel that best meets your needs and best suits your style as it is just where you want to be. So that you always feel at home, no matter how far from home you are.

Simply put, no other organization connects travelers with such a diverse collection of quality, independent hotels. No other organization is better at helping you find just the right choice for you, wherever your travel takes you. It is a part of our mission.


We are about People

For more than 24 years, we have built our success on the strength of our people. From the reservationist who expertly handles your booking to the bellman who greets your arrival with genuine pleasure, your Associate Hotels India team is always ready to assist. They believe the basic premise of their operations is Quality service & providing the best value for money

– The mantra to success.

Our success is driven by the energy, talent and passion of our team members as well as the customers they serve. Our dedicated professionals are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure every aspect of your experience is as good as it can possibly be.

Each of our independent hotels offers the finest local hospitality combined with the rigorous quality standards. Each offers abundant local charm, amenity and technological tool the international traveler demands.