Araiya Palampur, Himachal Pradesh


We understand hospitality in its truest sense. We are committed to the idea of providing personalised service that lead to distinctive experiences with Araiya. With designs and industry innovations that have been thought out keeping the modern-day traveller in mind, we aim to provide hospitality solutions that are smart and convenient. Araiya comes from a lineage in the hotel industry in India that is reputed and trusted for years. Our people bring years of proven experience in the industry having understood the needs of guests who look for value in immersive experiences without compromising on luxury and comfort.

Araiya is led by third generation hotelier Amruda Nair. The entrepreneurial spirit, flair for business, keen understanding of hospitality is all that she has inherited being a part of a family that is among the most highly regarded in the hotel industry. She is joined by a team that shares the common goal of setting the standard for modern Indian hospitality, the ultimate vision of Araiya.

We are young. We are raring to showcase what we believe is a unique offering and will redefine the hospitality industry in India.


A Deluxe Room is just what you need. A single 250-square foot cosy room with every amenity assures you of a comfortable and luxurious experience. Escape from the daily routine to an unmatched and memorable date with nature.

The Deluxe Suite comes with a separate living space and a bedroom. With this 590-square foot suite, we promise more comfort while nature guarantees the delight.

As elegant and sprawling as the setting, the Executive Suite will be your nest away from home. With two bedrooms and a living space, you are well set for a picture-perfect time in Palampur. It is your personal invitation to indulgence.

It doesn’t get grander than this. Three bedrooms, a living room and a balcony, the Duplex Suite is 1370-square foot of pure joy. Complete with a children’s bedroom in the attic and across three levels, these charming cottages will make you want to return to the valley over and over again.


Dining under the stars, a picnic in the woods, a private affair, any dining experience that you prefer, we make it special. Relish authentic Kangri cuisine or pick from our wide all-day dining menu, every meal will be memorable. Terrace dining for you to enjoy your food with stunning views of the valley and a bar that brings out an old school charm will further complement your experience in the mountains.


Imagine the majestic ambience as you host your social dos at the Banquet Hall in Araiya Palampur. Whether a celebration or a business event, the charm of it in the spacious hall is truly incomparable. The magnificent natural surroundings while you let your hair down as you party in the expansive lawn or the facilities that make for a successful conference in the meeting room add to the allure. Indoor meetings and conferences can be managed impeccably in the hall the best of audio-visual equipment and customisable seating arrangements while social gatherings will get even more memorable in the elegant party lawn.

Add a touch of class and style to your business meetings.

The best of facilities in a unique ambience make your conference a success from the word go.

Make joyous occasions even more delightful as you celebrate in a postcard-like natural setting.


Every moment of yours at the Araiya Palampur is our promise of comfort and well-being to you. Our unique and well-appointed spa is an effort to keep that very word. Choose from a range of Western, Oriental and Ayurvedic treatments in a state-of-the-art facility for a relaxing experience like no other. Rejuvenate your senses with an array of options you are going to absolutely love at the Araiya Spa.
Amid the majestic Himalayas and in a setting that is truly stunning stands the Araiya Palampur. At its heart is the Araiya Spa that is designed to heighten your experience at the resort. With the choicest treatments in a facility that is uniquely designed keeping your comfort in mind, step in and indulge yourself in an absolute treat for the senses. Choose from a wide selection of authentic Western, Oriental and Ayurvedic treatments that offer a truly rejuvenating and relaxing experience.
Our Ayurvedic treatments have been carefully chosen from the ancient discipline assuring you the most soothing and comforting experience. Whether full-body massages or specific treatments, medicated oil or Ayurvedic powder massages, you are taken through an idyllic experience as you rid yourself of anxiety, fatigue, backaches and injuries. Improve blood circulation, tone muscles, say goodbye to body aches, spasms and cramps with massage sessions that last from 30 to 90 minutes.
Trusted for centuries, authentic Ayurvedic massages like the Abhyangam, Udvartanam, Shiro-abhyangam and Kati Basti are just some of the several offerings you can choose from.

Our Western treatments offer you a bouquet of experiences ranging from Swedish massages, aromatherapy to Hot Stone massages, each designed to provide you with the ultimate in relaxation and relief.
Choose from an array of treatments by trained therapists with every technique picked specially to assure you complete physical and mental bliss. Trusted and proven massage techniques promise to relieve you of muscular tension, calm your mind and reduce stress and anxiety.

Treat yourself to the very popular Oriental treatments with our Express Massages. A relaxing break in the mountains will well live up to the promise with some exquisite Thai Foot Massage, Foot Reflexology or a Candle Foot Massage. With these traditional Thai and Chinese healing techniques, stress and fatigue will be words forgotten.
After a long day of discovering all that Palampur has to offer, could there be anything more comforting than a Back Neck Shoulder Massage?
If you are looking to stimulate your mind and relax, a session with our experts here will be just the serene experience you want.


The mountains are calling, and they can barely wait. Get ready for an exhilarating time with a variety of adventurous activities you can choose from. You can never discover a stunning landscape such as this than when you do so on foot. If you enjoy trekking, you are in for an absolute treat. Several treks, for both amateurs and seasoned trekkers, can be tried. You could even choose to head on a private trail from the resort if you wish to. What could be more exciting than paragliding in a scenic place such as this? Or you could just speed off on a biking trail discovering Palampur. Adventure on your mind? We will help you with some you will find difficult to not be thrilled by.

And if you thought the mountains and valleys were all about the thrills, are you in for a surprise or what? Palampur, the Kangra Valley and the neighbouring areas are brimming with stories that go back centuries. The monasteries, temples, churches, and the local culture and lifestyle narrate beautiful stories.
Head on a spiritual adventure visiting the local temples. Breathe in every tranquil moment of peace in the mesmerising monasteries of Dharamsala. The local fort and museum carefully store tales of a glorious history and you shall have a fascinating time discovering it.
The concierge at the Araiya Palampur will only be happy to arrange for tours so you can dive headfirst into an elevating cultural experience.

When at the tea capital of Northwest India, a tour of the tea estates will be an enriching experience. Get close to a lifestyle that is unique and endearing as you walk around the local villages. Try your hand at pottery if you’d like or simply meditate in an idyllic ambience. Reach out deep within to a new you.
Your holiday in Palampur will be far from complete until you find yourself in one of the vast tea estates here. Know why tea is a very important aspect of the region as you head out on a tour of the tea estates. Taste the various kinds of tea Palampur is known for and even learn all that goes into the making of some of these unique Himalayan blends.
Get to know up close about the local lifestyle with a tour of the villages. Discover the artist in you as you visit the Andretta Village that is known for its art and culture. Try your hand at pottery or marvel at the works of the local artists you’ll find.
Spare some time to truly appreciate the gorgeous landscape for what it is. The air is the freshest you’ll breathe, the views truly magnificent. Spend some solitary time with yourself and meditate in this peaceful setting to be one with your surroundings.