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About Great Trails Wayanad by GRT Hotels.

The beautiful district of Wayanad is situated in the midst of the rainforests of the majestic Western Ghats. Pristine, rejuvenating and hypnotizing all at the same time, this land is a rich embodiment of adventure, history and culture. Thick green forests, lush wildlife, exciting caves, refreshing waterfalls and a lot more await you in Wayanad. GReaT trails Wayanad by GRT Hotels is now Pet Friendly from 1st June 2023. We are ready to welcome all guests with pets (dogs and cats only). We have all the necessary arrangements, provisions, and policies in place to ensure you and your pets enjoy a comfortable stay.
Kalpetta is the main town in Wayanad. Aptly located to never miss the calm of the hills and yet being accessible to the buzz in the town centre of the mountainous Wayanad.

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Estate Villa with Balcony

Drawing inspiration from the architectural style popular in Kerala, the spacious 700 Sq.ft. rooms are designed with sloping wooden ceilings that compliment the beauty of the forest surroundings

Estate Villa with Verandah

These stunning 800 Sq.ft. suites offer all the comfort, amenities, and conveniences of an estate villa along with the added experience of an absolutely mesmerizing view of nature from the luxury of a spacious verandah.

Estate Bungalow

Offering a stunning view of nature, the 800 Sq.ft. Estate Bungalows are built on natural slopes and elevated platforms with an elegant coffee and spice-themed ambience.



Banasura Sagar Dam
Banasura Sagar Dam

(Distance: 11km)

Located on the foothills of Banasura hills, this is the largest earth dam in India and the second largest in Asia.

Chembra Peak
Chembra Peak

(Distance: 26.9km)

Trekking the highest peak in Wayanad is a great way to spend your day.

Edakkal Cave
Edakkal Cave

(Distance: 33.2km)

The cave contains some interesting carvings, which represent humans, animals, and symbols.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary
Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

(Distance: 38km)

Head here to catch a glimpse of wildlife in their natural habitat of Northern Kerala's largest sanctuary..

Hotel Facilities

  • 4 categories of rooms
  • Fitness centre
  • Event hall
  • High-speed internet
  • Travel desk
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Spa
  • Swimming Pool

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