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About Radisson Resort Pondicherry Bay by GRT Hotels.

The Radisson Resort Pondicherry Bay offers a unique and immersive experience that combines rich Franco-Tamil culture, resulting in a memorable fusion of two distinct worlds. This exquisite resort, nestled on the gorgeous Bay of Bengal coastline, serves as a gateway to Pondicherry's unique cultural tapestry.
When visiting our resort, you are immediately transported into a realm where French grandeur meets Tamil customs. The architecture brilliantly depicts this dichotomy, with colonial-style constructions adorned with colorful Tamil themes and Chettinad's renowned Athugudi floor tiles. Our 46 chalets and 5 villas provide maximum comfort as well as breathtaking views of the surrounding area and lagoon.

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Chalet with Balcony - Garden View

Relax in our comfortable, spacious Chalet with Balcony - Garden View, featuring stylish Franco-Tamil decor. Take in stunning balcony views of the Boulevard's gardens, treat yourself to the coffee and tea facilities.

Chalet with Balcony - Lagoon View

Start and end your day with beautiful views of the lagoon at our Chalet with Balcony - Lagoon View. Enjoy our handpicked selection of teas and coffees. Unwind and feel at home when connecting your personal devices to the television.

Chalet with Verandah - Garden View

Enjoy a delicious, complimentary breakfast and stunning views of the Boulevard gardens out on the spacious veranda in our Chalet with Verandah - Garden View. For the warm Pondicherry nights.

Chalet with Verandah - Lagoon View

Unwind in our spacious Chalet with Verandah and enjoy stunning views of the lagoon. Enjoy a hot drink from the in-room coffee and tea facilities and stay connected throughout your stay with free Wi-Fi.

Villa with Private Pool

Experience the serenity of your own private garden filled with colorful, local flowers in our Villa with Private Pool. Plunge into your very own pool and enjoy the sunny days on the deck.


ATTRACTIONS IN Pondicherry Bay

French War Memorial

(Distance: 5.78 km)

The French War Memorial commemorates the French soldiers who died during the First World War. Surrounded by manicured gardens, guests should visit the Memorial by night, when it is lit.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

(Distance: 4.94 km)

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a stunning example of Gothic revival architecture. The basilica contains unique stained-glass designs featuring events from the life of Jesus Christ.

White Town

(Distance: 5.99 km)

This charming area of Pondicherry is known for its French colonial-era villas that line its leafy streets. Indulge in French, Indian, and Franco-Tamil cuisine at a variety of eateries or stop in at small craft shops.

Goubert Market

(Distance: 6.01 km)

Wander around Goubert Market and get a look at local life. One of the oldest markets in the city, it's popular among locals and tourists alike. Find abundant local produce, flowers, utensils, and spices.


(Distance: 13.74 km)

This small experimental village is situated just 6 kilometers outside of Pondicherry. Take a guided tour around, visit the Matrimandir, a giant golden globe temple, or stop in for something delicious.

Chunnambar Boat House

(Distance: 44.37 km)

Situated on the banks of the Sankaraparani River, this area is ideal for spending a day out with family or friends. Visit Paradise Beach and enjoy a variety of activities like boat rentals, beach volleyball,

Hotel Facilities

  • 4 categories of rooms
  • Fitness centre
  • Event hall
  • High-speed internet
  • Travel desk
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Spa
  • Swimming Pool

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