Xandari Riverscapes - alleppey, KERALA


From the viewing deck or your bedroom’s picture window you will see life on the backwaters, and the result is immediate: slow down, de-stress, rejuvenate.

The waterways of Kuttanad disctrict weave through the area’s unique below-sea-level method of paddy cultivation.

The kettuvallams - as the houseboats are locally known - are a testament to the ancient rice trade of this region and uphold a tradition pre-dating industrial engineering technique. Hand stitched by local craftsmen with coir and strengthened with fish oil, they are built using jack-wood; an indigenous variety of hardwood commonly used in local construction. The staff provides local knowledge and homespun interpretation of local culture.

The concept of our houseboats is quite simple. Start with beautiful floating accommodation. Take the most picturesque route in the backwaters. Most important, several men from the local villages are trained to pilot that boat through those waters at a leisurely pace, stopping for meals along the way, and sharing their local knowledge about the locale. The backwaters communities are only accessible by boat, and having members of those communities as your guides ensures an authentic local experience—but in the comfort of a state of the art houseboat.

The daily rituals of life on the backwaters, including on our houseboats, include many shared responsibilities due to the special considerations of living surrounded by water. Among the favorite scenes of our guests tend to be the “school bus” for children, which is in the form of a long motorized boat; or the grocery store, which is a converted barge that floats from one community to the next selling the same typical items that other Keralites can find in their local market.

About those houseboats. They are designed along the lines of traditional rice barges, or kettuvallam in local language. The hulls are made in the ancient traditional manner from jackfruit tree wood, with no nails—all the wood is stitched together and sealed with a natural waterproofing method made from fish oil. Within the hull, under the main deck is all the equipment that makes our boats ecologically responsible, including efficient engines, fresh water holding tanks, and other specialty fittings that we will be happy to show you if you are interested.


One bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom houseboats. All offer seamless panorama of life on the backwaters, with staff providing local knowledge and homespun interpretation of local culture.

Each air conditioned 14 sqm bedroom has an en suite bathroom, large picture window and either double or 2 single beds. For a tranquil backwater experience our boats are television free zones.

  • One bedroom
  • Two bedroom
  • Three bedroom

Meals are an essential part of the Xandari Riverscapes experience. With your backwater excursion beginning at noon, sit down to a delectable lunch of classic Kerala cuisine cooked on board.

Dinner comes calling under starlit skies at the spot where your boat rests, to watch the day close out.


Glide through the centuries's old traditions of Allepeys villagelife in this one hour wooden canoe exploation through backwaters canals.