Xandari Harbour - fort kochi, KERALA


Raxa Collective has captured the zeitgest of colonial Fort Kochi in Xandari Harbour. This waterfront merchant property once stocked spices and lodged ship captains.

In the heart of Fort Kochi’s spice trading district, Mattanchery, the 16-room gem box of a hotel is walkable distance from Calvathy boat jetty and midway between Vasco de Gama Square and the Dutch Palace.

Simplicity at its soul.
The name Xandari implies elegance, simplicity, tranquility. Xandari Harbour embodies these key attributes, surrounded by the spice trade, maritime merchants and local fisherman.

Xandari Harbour is about the winds of history moving forward to a modern, innovative and forward looking culture. We honor the materials of the past, forming a backdrop to clean design.


Of the 16 tastefully designed guestrooms, five are on the waterfront, four have private gardens and the rest have large picture windows that frame panoramas of blue waters and the vibrant colours of the bustling spice trade.
Designed with relaxation in mind, all rooms and suites are television-free zones.

Views of the harbour and a bustling spice trade mark the 14 tastefully done guestrooms and 2 suites. From the spectacular Harbour Suite – with water views on three sides - watch colourful fishing boats head out to sea.

Of the 14 guestrooms, four are on the waterfront, four have private gardens and the rest have large picture windows that frame panoramas of blue and the vibrant colours of trade.

The infinity pool in the center of the property, which seems to float on the edge of Kochi harbour, offers the perfect place to refresh after a day on the town.


The menu at the all-day restaurant, 51, based on the coast’s position as a trade magnet throughout history is a blend - what we fondly call Malabar Soul Food - that brings together Indian and Mediterranean ingredients and food ways, slow cooked for our guests to enjoy.

For thousands of years, starting with Egyptians, ships have docked here in search of spices. With the spice and the silk routes intermingling, Eastern Mediterranean influences entered local cuisines.

Malabar Soul Food - embodies the spices of the land blended with the memories of distant homelands, taking people back to the time when people who loved them cooked for them in a way that was meaningful and satisfying. Food is about sense memories: it embodies our personal and social history, giving us a sense of place, of home.


A quaint harbour town privy to spectacular sunsets and stories of wayfarers. Many a conqueror’s fancy; discovered by the Portuguese, taken over by the Dutch, and ruled by the British hand. Home to colonial ruins, fishermen’s tribes, enthusiastic tour guides, cobbled walkways, the yellow and black of ‘tuks-tuks’. To cafes that offer a licence to laze, art colouring streets and crowding galleries, grounds abounding in games of barefoot football and cricket. A quarter simple in its spirit, rich in its heritage. Where every bolted door, half-opened window and the people living behind these tell a tale. One of a past revived for the traveler of today.